5 Best Dog SUV Cargo Liners

5 Best Dog Cargo Liner 2018

The other day, we overheard a conversation about the best techniques to remove dog hair from a car carpet. It certainly didn’t sound like fun and involved copious amounts of lint rollers, fabric softeners, mitts and what not. Wouldn’t it be a lot easier and cheaper to get a dog cargo liner instead?


It’s spring time folks. The urge to travel is niggling away in the back of our minds and for pet-parents, there’s no better opportunity to get Fido some sunshine before the heavens start to spit fire (Summer). But it’s conversations like the one we overheard that makes pet parents skeptical. Doggie drool, dander and fur have to be the most difficult things on earth to remove from a car.


And if one of your family members is allergic to it, then there ends Fido’s travel dreams. Do yourself a favor and get a dog cargo liner. It keeps your car upholstery protected from everything that falls or sheds off your dog’s body. It’s like an insurance policy that will save you hours of effort, time and a lot of money down the road. To make things easier for you, we have handpicked the best dog cargo liners in the market.


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K&H Pet Products Qulited Vehicle Cargo Cover
F-COLOR Waterproof Dog Car Seat Cover
ALFHEIM No Slip Pet Seat Cover
ARF PETS Cargo Liner Cover For SUV/Cars

1) K&H Pet Products Quilted Vehicle Cargo Cover

This quilted dog cargo liner for SUV from K&H Pet Products is a no-brainer solution to all doggy car travel woes. It is a soft, comfortable and waterproof cargo cover that can be attached to the cargo area in minutes using Velcro straps and fasteners. Fits most mid-sized SUVs like a glove and keeps the cargo area clean and dry.


600-denier Nylon

The 600-denier nylon is as durable as they come. It does not snag in the dog’s claws or get ripped or torn. There have been instances where two full-sized dogs (80-100 lbs.) have travelled in the cargo area and moved around for the entire duration of the trip. The K&H cargo cover didn’t have as much as a scratch to show. At the same time, the quilted surface is comfortable to rest on and provides excellent padding for your pet.

Adjustable Dimensions

The base of this dog cargo liner is 52" long and 40 inches wide, while the side panels are 16 inches high giving you complete coverage for the cargo area. You can always fold it for smaller cars or use the elastic straps to secure it to the suction cups in larger cars. Most customers that we have spoken to have used it in their SUVs and MUVs with zero complaints.

Low Maintenance

The Cargo cover just needs to be wiped with a wet rag once in a while. It stays clean and odor free. But if you have a pet that pees in rebellion, you can toss it in the machine for a quick wash or just remove it and hose it. Avoid using the dryer.

The Best Features

  • Size-adjustable cargo cover
  • 600-denier durable nylon
  • Quilted surface
  • Pocket for storing pet accessories
  • Waterproof
  • Can be installed in minutes
  • Budget-pricing
  • Low on maintenance

What could be better

The 8” Velcro straps provided in the package may not be the best of solutions for all cars, particularly ones with leather or PU leather seats. In such a scenario, you might have to use a workaround and make some grommet holes in the cover. Use the elastic straps provided or even shoelaces to secure it to the suction cups or to any other hooks in your car. Works like a charm.

2) Sunshines Union Dog Seat Cover Car Seat

This dog cargo liner for SUV and sedans from Sunshines Union comes with a no-slip back that keeps it in place even if you have a rambunctious dog who hates being confined to the cargo area. No matter how much the pet moves about or digs into it, it’s almost impossible to remove or dislodge.  The upper surface is thick and has a 2mm PP cotton filter that provides a cool and comfortable resting place for long drives. More importantly, it is completely waterproof and can be machine washed in case of drool or pee.

Medium sized

The Sunshines Union Dog seat cover is 51 inches long and 40 inches wide. It is important that you measure the cargo area of your car with the second row of seats folded down and also with the seats upright once. This will allow you to pick the right sized cover for your car. It is also available in a larger size (91” x 55”) for SUVs with more room in the cargo area. You can also pick from a bunch of colors to match the car upholstery.

Complete Coverage

With side panel covers that run up to the middle of the windows and attach to the window handles using sturdy buckles, this dog cargo liner provides complete coverage and contains dog hair or fur within. There is a zipper that runs up the sides converting it into a mini-hammock of sorts. At the same time, it does not obstruct the view and allows the dog to put their heads out of the window.

Pocket for pet essentials

The Sunshines Dog seat cover also has a convenient little pocket or pouch where you can store the doggy essentials like a leash or a water bottle. It is 12” x 12”. So, it should easily be able to accommodate the accessories for two dogs and allow plenty of storage for their treats and toys.

The Best Features

  • Non-slip net on the back to prevent the cover from getting dislodged
  • Available in multiple sizes and colors
  • 2 PP Cotton filter on the surface
  • 12”x12” pouch for storing pet accessories
  • Easy to clean, waterproof surface
  • Zippered side panel creates a hammock that contains pet hair and dander

What could be better

The Velcro straps can get detached if your dog likes to chew at it. Use a similar workaround that we mentioned in the earlier review.

3) F-color Waterproof Dog Car Seat Cover

We highly recommend this dog cargo liner from F-Color for full-sized cars and minivans. It is 91” long and 55” wide, covering pretty much the entire cargo area for most cars. In fact, you’d still have a little extra to spare which can be used to cover the bumper. For smaller cars or mid-sized SUVs, you can fold the sides or just let it run over the middle row for some extra protection. What makes it even better is the extra-large, anti-slip rubber backing on the bottom. It is perfect for large dog breeds and ensures that they don’t slip off even if you hit a bump on the road.

4 Quilted Layers

The F-color Waterproof Dog Car Seat Cover features 4 quilted layers of waterproof nylon that makes it impermeable to spills, spit or dog pee. Not only does this keep the cargo area dry, it also gives a thick resting surface for your pets. The quality of the stitching is excellent and there are zero chances of snags or rips even if your pet tries to dig up a treasure. You can machine wash it or just wipe away any dirt or debris on the cover.

Thick straps and buckles


One of the common problems with dog cargo liners for SUV is that active dogs tend to find a way to unfasten the straps that secure them to the sides. This one though is going to be extremely hard to unfasten. It features heavy-duty straps and buckles that secure to the headrest. There’s no flimsy Velcro strap here. At the same time, the buckles have a quick-release design that lets you uninstall it easily.

12-month warranty


The F-color Waterproof Dog Car Seat Cover comes with an unconditional 12-month replacement warranty. If you are not satisfied with it for some reason, then you can seek a 100% refund or exchange it for a new one. Simply contact the seller via Amazon to arrange this or reply to their purchase confirmation email they send you upon buying.

The Best Features

  • Universal sized dog cargo liner
  • Provides complete coverage for the cargo area and the bumpers
  • Has a 45x54 inch anti-slip rubber surface on the back
  • 4-quilted layers of waterproof fabric
  • Easy to clean
  • Bumper-flap design for easy installation
  • 12-month warranty

What could be better

Despite racking our brains and trying our best to find a nit to pick, we were unable to. This is hands down one of the best pet cargo covers currently.

4) Alfheim Noslip Pet Seat Cover

We love the all-black quilted pet seat cover from Alfheim. This is a medium-sized cargo cover that can also be used as a seat cover for the front seats if you have a pampered pooch that refuses to be banished to the cargo hold. It has a well thought out design with some very useful features. For starters, there are anchors which help you secure it firmly. This can be extremely useful if you are using it to protect the carpets while hauling cargo instead of transporting your pet. Also, the durable straps need to be looped around the headrest giving you a much better fit as compared to Velcro straps.

Ideal for small and medium-sized SUVs

This dog cargo liner measures 76” long and 42” wide. This makes it just about the right size for smaller and compact SUVs like the CRV, the Grand Cherookee and the Audi Q5. If you are looking for complete coverage with the second row seat folded down, this might not be enough. Our third pick, the F-Color cargo cover might be a better pick for you. If the size just a tad bigger, you can always fold it at the seams.

Multiple ways to secure it

Apart from the straps which loop around the headrest, Alfheim throws in some anchors that attach at multiple points to the cargo hold. And if these weren’t enough, it has a sufficiently large rubber base at the bottom to prevent skidding. Even if your pet likes to move around during the journey, there are minimal chances of the cover skidding.

Easy cleaning and lifetime warranty


Just like the other cargo liners in this list, the Alfheim dog cover is waterproof and extremely durable. You can just rinse it to clean it or even machine wash it. It looks as good as new. It is one of the only dog covers that comes with a lifetime warranty. So, you can be rest assured about the quality of your purchase.

The Best Features

  • Luxurious quilted design in all-black
  • Blends in perfectly with the interiors of SUVs
  • Perfect size for a compact SUV or sedan
  • Can be used as a car seat
  • Multiple ways to secure it
  • Anchors, durable straps
  • Waterproof and easy to clean
  • Lifetime warranty

What could be better

A quick-release buckle would have made it a lot easier than having to loop the strap through two slits. If you are looking at installing and uninstalling the cover multiple times, looping the strap gets too tedious.

5) Arf Pets Cargo Liner Cover for SUVs and Cars

Last but not the least, we have the Arf Pet Cargo liner. This budget-priced cargo cover is a universal fit for most medium and large cars. It is 82” long and 55” wide, which usually suffices to cover the entire area. This includes a flap that covers the bumper and protects it from any scratches that might happen as your pet enters the car. Multiple straps secure it around the headrest and the middle row, while an anti-slip rubberized base keeps it from moving about in transit.

Adjustable strap with buckles

Depending on how tautly you want to secure the dog cargo liner, you can either attach it to the headrests on the middle row or to the front row of seats with the middle row folded. The straps are adjustable and there are quick-release buckles which makes it easy to secure it. There’s a third strap that goes around the middle row further securing the cover. Perfectly sized side flaps extend the coverage to the windows and prevent stray hair strands from sneaking their way underneath.



Remains stable in extreme temperature

The Arf Pets Cargo liner is created from multiple layers of PE that are closely woven together. The stitch quality is top notch and there have been zero complaints of snags or a tear due to an overzealous scratching pet. Not only does this repel liquids, it also remains stable even at extreme temperatures. You won’t find it frozen and immovable in the winters.

The cover is machine washable (gentle cycle only) but usually, vacuuming and wiping with a rag suffices. 

The Best Features

  • Large size with an extra flap to protect the bumper
  • Two adjustable straps to secure it to the headrest
  • Third strap that goes around the middle row of seats
  • No-slip rubberized base
  • Thick padded surface with multiple PE layers
  • Waterproof and easy to clean

What could be better

Some customers found the surface too slippery for their pets and reported that their pets are unable to find a stable footing when the car is moving. But these are limited to five or six customers. Hundreds of others have had no complaints with the quality of the dog cargo liner for suv.



There you have it. The best five dog cargo liners cherry picked based on their quality, size, ease of installation, ease of cleaning, safety, price and other desirable features like a no-slip rubberized base.

If you are looking for a cheap and effective cover for the cargo area, then our first pick, the K&H car cover might be a great choice for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for some extra frills, then check out the Arf Pets Cargo Liner Cover. Pet owners with large cars will love the coverage that the F-color Waterproof Dog Car Seat Cover provides, while small and compact SUV owners have some great options in the Alfheim Noslip Pet Seat Cover and the Sunshine Union dog cover. What is your favorite dog cargo liner? We would love to hear your thoughts.

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