Pet Gear Easy Step Bed Stair

Pet Gear Easy Step Bed Stair


The Pet Gear Easy Step Bed Stair is the front runner within the market in terms of customer rating and satisfaction. It is a set of dog stairs that is far unique from other varieties on the market due to it's original shape and structure and what's better is that is universal to fit most types of bed, lets read on to find out more!


"L" Shaped Design

This set of dog stairs has huge amounts of ingenuity and originality, the main and most obvious feature being it's L shaped design. This simple but effective design means that the stairs can wrap around the corners of most regular shapes of beds creating a shape that can be used universally for most sizes of bed. It will take up less round around your bed as well, creating more of a pleasant viewing experience for you and giving you extra space that may be required for other various pieces of furniture.

SupertraX & Storage

As is the norm on all PetGear models, the Pet Gear Easy Step Bed Stair comes with their patented supertraX tread that acts as a super soft carpeted surface giving your pet the upmost amount of traction whilst ascending the staircase, since there is a bend in these dog stairs as they climb, you can be confident that they have ample grip and room to pivot and climb the second section prior to arriving at the bedside.

Around the back of the highest section of the staircase is a hatch that opens vertically to reveal the hollow interior of the staircase itself, this area is absolutely ideal for storing dog beds, toys and treats or anything you need storing that would fit! It is an incredible storage solution and really adds value to this product as you are getting far more than just a set of dog stairs





Important Safety Features

This set of dog stairs has a vast array of safety features that the designers have considered prior to creating this model. One of them being that each stair is incredibly low and deep set, meaning that your pet does not need to lift their paws and legs too high to reach each step, but once they have they will have ample room to lift their back legs up and put all of their weight and body on the entirety of that step so they can prepare themselves properly to climb the next stair. Each stair is 5" in height which is a measurement that should be reachable for even the smallest breeds of dogs.

The Pet Gear Easy Step Bed Stair comes with rubberised grippers on the underside of the staircase itself to anchor it to your floor, regardless of your floor texture, carpet or other, this staircase will not shake or slip when being operated by your dog. Which is ideal for building your pets confidence once they are slightly higher on the dog stairs to aid in getting them to the top.


The measurements for this set of dog stairs is as follows:

Length = 31"

Height = 14"

Width = 25.5"

Holding Power = 75 lbs

Product Weight = 20 lbs

As you can see, this set of stairs is rather heavy to move around at 20 lbs, but you shouldn't need to move it around as once it is in place, your dog will get used to the positioning of it and so will you. However, if you were ever unhappy with its positioning, this dog staircase does not require tools to assemble, it simply snaps into place disassembles simply by pulling it carefully apart, so you can remove and reposition in a matter of minutes.


Overall, this set of dog stairs has everything required for your dog to be able to safely and confidently access your bed, there is ample room for you to swing your legs to the side of your bed when you get up in the mornings.

The last thing you want to be doing when waking up is hitting your ankle on a set of dog stairs that has been placed central to your bed, so having a staircase at the bottom corner of you bed will create a far better living condition for you and your pets. Take a look at the product below!