Pet Gear Easy Step III

Pet Gear Easy Step III

Choosing the correct set of dog stairs can be a nightmare, however, variety is the word when it comes to the Pet Gear Easy Step III. This particular brand is sold in multiple shapes, sizes and colors, which is helpful for those who have their homes color co-ordinated! If you are after a sturdy,  safe and comfortable set of dog stairs then this is a model that you should stick on your wish list. Pet Gear will appear a lot on and for good reason, we have tried and tested a wide range of dog stairs and ramps and only chose to review the best brands available, so this should speak volumes as to the quality that Pet Gear produce in their product.

Variations & Colours


The Pet Gear Easy Step III stairs comes in a variety of sizes and colours, it is not a "one size fits all" model like many of its competitors, if you have a small dog, they have a small (and cheaper) staircase available, if you need an extra step to reach greater heights they stock those as-well! Pet Gear have really gone over and above with this model in terms of suitability for all dog types!


This set of dog stairs also comes in 4 shades of colours, these are:

  • Chocolate
  • Cocoa
  • Sage
  • Tan


You really have a vast array of possible dog staircase size/colour schemes for your home with this model, so take a look!

Deep-Set Stairs & Security


This set of dog stairs grants your pet access to greater heights far easier than previous models thanks to its wider, longer and deeper stair landings for small to medium dogs.


As almost all pet owners know (ourselves included!), this staircase will most likely not be climbed as steady of a pace as we would like. Pets tend to hurl themselves towards staircases and bundle themselves up them in a frantic bid to conquer the comfortable bed/sofa. The staircase itself fits securely into most carpets, vinyl & laminate flooring thanks to its rubber grippers on the underside of the staircase to help keep it secure and safely in place, preventing the staircase from moving if ascended at a fast pace.



This particular model snaps together piece by piece, it is likely to be the easiest flatpack piece to erect in history! Oh, and no tools are required, just incase you were wondering what screws and bolts you will need, none is the answer! Just follow the simple instructions that are included and fit the pieces together like a huge, dog-safety jigsaw puzzle!


The carpet tread can be removed for ease of cleaning also, since this particular model of dog stairs is made of dense-plastic materials we recommend a cloth and washing up liquid for cleaning purposes.

Height & Holding Power

The Pet Gear Easy Step III measures:


Length = 23"

Width = 16"

Height = 23"


It supports weights of pet up to 150 pounds. This means that it can hold the weight of most Larger-Medium sized dogs such as Grown German Shepherds and Rottweillers but would struggle with Larger dogs such as Great Danes and Bullmastiff's.

Finishing Thoughts


After reviewing this amazing set of dog stairs, the Pet Gear Easy Step III has it all; decent holding power, removable carpeting, easy - no tool required assembly, rubberised grips - this is only naming a few of it's feature qualities that makes this dog staircase a very decent all-rounder!


Oh, and as mentioned previously above, you can see the alternative variations of this particular model below!