Petsfit Sidestep Staircase

Petsfit Sidestep Staircase

The Petsfit Sidestep Staircase is one of the premier choices of dog stairs due to its unique structuring, Petsfit are not a brand that are particularly known for their dog staircases however they have their designers to thank for this model as it boasts originality that is more than meets the eye, lets dive right in!

Many Shapes & Sizes

The Petsfit Pet Stairs were crafted with many variables, one of the most notable is their 2 step variant of these dog stairs. Depending on the height in which you require your dog to climb would vary based on the dog stairs that you choose, so having the option between a 2 stair or 3 stair model is ideal surplus to your sizing requirements. These stairs are available in 2 different colours on amazon, these are Dark Coffee and White. Giving you this variety allows you to colour co-ordinate your choice of staircase with the piece of furniture/height that you wish your pet to gain access to.

Originality & Unique design

From the picture you see above, you may notice a hole in the side of the staircase, this is the most simple but ingenious characteristic of this set of dog stairs, that hole is bored out of the dog staircase for more than one function. The main function of that hole is to allow for far easier manoeuvring and lifting of the dog stairs itself, allowing you to hook your hands inside the dog stairs to act as makeshift gripping handles.


Another function is for storage, your pets toys, chews and playthings can be stored with ease in the side of the staircase itself! Any dog owner knows that over time, chew toys will be transported to the most random of places by your pet during their play-time, so having this easily accessible storage solution will allow you to clean your pets toys away and stow them in the holes on the sides and front of the staircase that will sit in the hollowed out innards of the stairs itself, very impressive!

Holding Power, Weight & Dimensions

The dimensions of this staircase are split into two parts due to its 2 step and 3 step variants:

          3 Step variant:                                2 Step variant:

              L  =  22"                                            L  =  21"

              W  = 17"                                            W  =  17"

              H  = 20"                                            H  =  14"

This particular model is designed to hold weights up to 100lbs on both the 2 step & 3 step variants. The staircase itself weighs 15lbs.

Assembly & Safety

The assembly of this set of dog stairs is incredibly easy, the staircase itself comes flat-packed requiring 7 screws to either side of the staircase, these screws are included of course. The flatpack box includes 4 panels which consist of 2 side panels, a back-plate and an underside plate. The stairs screw into the 2 side panels internally, making it incredibly easy to assemble the entire set of dog stairs, usually in under 15 minutes.


The safety aspect of the Petsfit Wooden Staircase is all in the stair-grips and underside plate grips that will keep the staircase nice and steady as your dog climbs it and will also prevent the staircase from wobbling or moving whilst being ascended, these grips will stick on most surfaces, including carpet!


The holes mentioned previously that are located in the 2 side plates relieve the necessity to bend low to pick up or move the dog staircase, as they are located 30-40cm from the ground, allowing you to re-locate the staircase without causing stress to your spine or legs, which is extremely painful stuff!



This staircase has it all, a decent holding power, quick assembly, anti-slip grips and internal storage. Not to mention it can be bought in varying sizes and colors! There are few other staircases that offer such variety at such a reasonable price, it is one of the few staircases that we have reviewed that maintain a flat 5 star rating among all amazon buyers as well, the numbers speak for themselves. Take a look below for further information!

       2 Step Variant


         3 Step Variant