Precious Tails Suede 4 Step Dog Staircase

Precious Tails Suede 4 Step Dog Staircase

From Precious Tails comes this incredibly dainty and snug set of dog stairs. On first impressions, they are clearly extremely comfortable for your dog to use, they are available in a multiple choice of colours on amazon; Beige, Brown or Gray, giving you additional opportunity to colour co-ordinate your dog stairs with your furniture at home. We have to warn you before you proceed though, this set of dog stairs is aimed at smaller sized dogs due to it's holding capacity, (but we'll get to that bit in a second). This staircase is ideal for those with ageing pets or households with carpeted flooring to match the micro-suede covering, lets explore further!

Covering & Cleaning

Covering the high-density scalloped foam dog staircase is a removable micro-suede covering, this covering is machine washable and zips up around the foam staircase to provide an ideal surface for your pets paws to grip onto. The suede covering is relatively dense as well, meaning that your pets paws will not be damaged/will not damage the covering whilst climbing the staircase.

Ideal Dog Type

This ramp is aimed specifically at smaller dogs of any age, although older dogs may get the most benefit out of using this staircase, as they tend to be less sturdy on their feet, any impacts suffered if falls/slips occur whilst on the staircase will be reduced greatly by the foam structuring. Smaller dog breeds will have a much easier time climbing the dog stairs as well as this particular model consists of 4 steps, whilst most other popular brands of dog staircase tend to have 3 stairs instead.

Sizing & Capacity

This variety of dog stairs is designed for smaller dogs in mind, therefore, this set of dog stairs has a holding capacity of 25lbs, do not be alarmed though, what this staircase lacks in holding weight more than makes up for in style, comfort and safety for your dog. You can have all of the requirements necessary for an extremely competent and reliable set of dog stairs for a smaller dog, (just don’t let next door’s German Shepherd anywhere near it!). The sizing ratios for this product are as follows:

21" Length x 16" Width x 14" Height

Holding Capacity – Up to 25LBS

Will It Move?

After you have placed this dog staircase in it's desired location, it's natural to presume that it will move after constant use, I mean, it's a relatively light dense-foam staircase, it can't be that heavy, right?

As true as that is in terms of the weight of the model, it comes with the perfect retort to that issue, on the underside of the staircase is multiple anti-slip dots that are applied and will gently stick to your flooring, be it laminate, wood or even carpet, these dots will prevent this set of dog stairs from slipping once your dog uses it.

Concluding Thoughts

Obviously this dog staircase would be relatively useless for someone with a large dog, since this set of dog stairs is designed to hold weights of up to 25LBs. Meaning that this set of staircase would be ideal for puppies and smaller dogs struggling to reach greater heights. In terms of design and comfort it far surpasses all other models on the market, the Precious Tails High Density Foam staircase is probably the safest available dog staircase to introduce your small pet/puppy to, even if it is to get them used to using a regular staircase, as the stairs are far closer together and easier to ascend than a regular human staircase.

Overall we feel that if you are training your puppy to access greater heights, or aiding your small dog in acquiring independent bed access, this set of dog stairs will meet those needs tenfold, just don't sit on them yourself unless you weigh under 25lbs!