Solvit PupSTEP- Walnut Wood Stairs

Solvit PupSTEP - Walnut Wood Stairs

Solvit are consistently releasing new brands of incredibly original dog stairs, ramps and accessories, along with producing market leading products that are always reviewed incredibly well by their customers. With that in mind, it's only fitting that we introduce to you their sleek, wooden, market leading model.

Enter the Solvit PupSTEP Walnut Wood Stairs, a staircase that is designed with the dog AND owner in mind, lets dive right in!

Cosmetics & Home Integration


As unavoidable as it may be, a set of dog stairs are not the most inconspicuous. They tend to stand out against the majority of colours that we own in our homes and are pretty obvious against most backdrops. Whilst this may not be the biggest issue in the world to some, many people require a sense of colour co-ordination and would be thrown off entirely by the conventional colours and shapes of many dog stairs on the market, the Solvit PupSTEP Walnut Wood is designed purposefully to provide an alternative. The Walnut Stain that is applied to these stairs would make the ideal match to many dressers, wardrobes and darker coloured furniture within lots of households. An additional bonus to the walnut finish is that it is scrape/mark resistant which is a huge thumbs up in any home-owners book, who wants scratched dog stairs anyway?!


Bigger CAN Be Better!


One of the most interesting features that Solvit introduced with this model was the twin that was released with it, the XL version. Depending on the size of the piece of furniture you wish your pet to reach, the XL version of this product may be entirely necessary for you if these items of furniture are larger in size requiring your pet to ascend to greater heights.


The Large sized staircase measurements are as follows:


  • 24'' L x 16'' W x 20'' H- Each stair is 6 inches deep, 15 inches wide, and 4.75 inches afar.

The XL sized staircase measurements are as follows:

  • 30" L x 19" W x 25" H - Each stair is 6 inches deep, 18 inches wide, and 4.75 inches afar.

The XL version is entirely identical to the standard version in every aspect other than, well, size of course! This may require you to grab your toolbox and start measuring your furniture, however, expecting your pets to over-extend themselves to reach their desired location may have the reverse effect of the exact reason you decided to buy a set of dog stairs in the first place! (That last sentence was so unnecessarily XL!)

Sturdiness, Stability & Holding Capacity


With a solid wooden constructed set of dog stairs, you would expect the potential holding power to be rather hefty, you would be correct. This ramp, and it's XL counterpart, are both capable of holding weights of up to 200lbs. This is made entirely possible by the strong folding rear backplate supporting the staircase and providing stability. Unlike many plastic constructs that can flex slightly under larger exerts of pressure, this wooden variation of staircase will allow your pet to safely and comfortably reach their intended height with confidence that the staircase will not buckle or flex under weight.




Unsure of how to build a set of dog stairs out of the box? Fear not! This wooden version is pre-assembled by Solvit, and shipped in exactly that fashion, so put your screwdriver away! All that is required from you is choosing which side of the bed you want your dog in!


Final Thoughts


If you are looking for a solid, sturdy and contemporary set of dog stairs that provides stable accessibility for your pet then this is the staircase for you. It is a staircase that is likely to feel and look more familiar to your pet than a conventional plastic design would because staircases that your pet has likely climbed before are almost identical. Confidence is key when it comes to initially introducing your pet to the idea of climbing a set of dog stairs, therefore it is ideal to have the option of a staircase that is instantly recognisable and associable to your pet. Concluding with the fact that there is no assembly required and the model comes with a year's warranty, it really is a very highly regarded dog staircase.