Mr Herzher Smart Dog Ramp

Mr Herzher Smart Dog Ramp

The Mr Herzher Smart Dog Ramp would be an incredible addition to anyone's inventory. This particular dog ramp has many unique features that you do not get on any other dog ramp in the market, the main noticeable selling point is that this is arguably the most comfortable ramp for your pet on the market.


Read on to find out more about the most comfortable and safe dog ramp available!


OSHA Approved Shur-Foot Tread Technology


A factor to consider when buying a dog ramp is how safe your pet will feel whilst they climb their ramp, Mr Herzher's Smart Dog ramp gives them the confidence to safely traverse any height with their incredibly unique OSHA approved Shur-foot tread technology.


This form of foam gripping allows your pets paws to sink into the sponge-like surface giving your dog the confidence to ascend the ramp and enter your vehicle, any slips and falls will be negated by a softer surface preventing your pet from harming itself in the process.

Rigid-Rail Framing & General Safety Tips


Safety is the word when it comes to this particular model of dog ramp, Mr Herzher released this model after dog ramp owners voiced concern that their pets felt too uneasy climbing most other varieties of ramp.


The Aluminium Rigid-Rail framing raises much higher than most models giving your pet that extra guidance they may need when climbing your dog ramp. Entering and exiting your vehicle will be made a simpler task as your dog is able to easily see where the guard rails begin giving your pet the assurance that they are safe whilst ascending the ramp. 

Incline Length & Safety

For larger dogs, owners may or may not be aware that a lifetime of leaping and twisting will cause damage to their hips, backs and various joints. Providing a lengthy ramp that reduces incline will aid those dogs that are unable to get their front paws higher than 50cm from ground level, similar to the struggles your dog may face when attempting to walk up a steep hill.


Having a lengthy ramp that folds (tri-folds in the case of the Mr Herzher ramp) will reduce a lot of strain that your dog may face, in their legs, in general, the lengthier the ramp, the easier it is on your pet!

Getting the Necessary Measurements


The measurements for the Mr Herzher Smart Dog Ramp are as follows:


Length - 70 Inches

Width - 17.2 Inches

Height - 5.1 Inches

Weight - 16lbs

Holding Power - 300lbs


Problems such as joint effusion & arthritis which are very common in older, heavier breeds of dogs, may be exacerbated by a steeper ramp with a harsher gradient of incline, the Mr Herzher dog ramp eliminates that problem by having an extension of over 70inches, giving your pet as close to level ground as possible as they progress up the ramp reducing stress and strain on these painful areas. This is exceptionally important as confidence is key for allowing your dog the time they need to get to grips with the functionalities of the ramp.

Finishing Touches

If safety is of top importance to you and your pet (as it should be!) then this ramp is a solid pick for you. The Mr Herzher Smart Dog Ramp prices in at slightly more expensive then other models, but no model is anywhere near as much of a comfort and confidence booster for your pet.


Many dog ramp owners struggle with initially teaching their pet how the ramp actually functions and what the dog is supposed to do with it. Having an inviting and comfortable surface coupled with higher raising safety rails will give your dog a clear indication of how they need to go about ascending their dog ramp! Check the price of this amazing model below and let us know what you think on our blog section!