Paws & Pals Tri-Fold Dog Ramp


The Paws & Pals Tri-fold dog ramp is an incredibly portable, lightweight and convenient dog ramp that is an excellent choice for those on a budget, it is exceptionally slim and compact once folded and can also extend to a length of 60 Inches, not quite as long as more of the conventional, slightly pricier models, but it definitely foots the bill in terms of being a decent all-rounder, continue for more!



Ideal for Petite Dogs & Great Choice For A Lower Budget


This ramp is the best deal on the market for those on a budget, this model sits at a mere $40 on, a fraction of the price that you would pay for a metallic or dense-plastic variety.


This ramp is a better option for small/medium breeds of dog (see our size guide to determine what category your dog falls under), as larger dogs may struggle with the slightly narrower width and the minor flex that this ramp receives over weights of 125+lbs, if you do own a larger dog, do not worry as we have plenty of other larger ramp reviews available on our Home Page!

Compact Design


This ramp is tri-folding, meaning that, at a length of 60 inches extended and 16 inches folded, it can tri-fold into a size of a small suitcase. This means that no matter what size car you own, this ramp will fit snugly into the back of your vehicle once folded and makes it the most compact ramp available on the market.


The Paws & Pals Tri-Fold Dog Ramp is incredibly easy and safe to open, being a plastic construct with rubber grippers, you simply release the latch located by the carry-handle and it will swing open without a worry, lay flat on the back of your vehicle and press down on the middle third section of the ramp to fully extend and lock it in place, easy peasy!


The Paws & Pals Tri-fold dog ramp’s measurements are as follows:


Length = 60 Inches

Height = 2 Inches

Width = 12 Inches

Holding Power = 200 lbs

Product weight = 10.7 lbs


With a holding power of 200lbs and a product weight of 10.7, this ramp is one of the most lightweight ramps available on the market and gives you a decent bang for your buck. As mentioned in the previous section, it is not a ramp that is designed to withstand the weight of much larger and heavier dogs, nor is it wide enough to sustain the width of such dogs, but would be a great addition to a smaller dog that needs aid accessing greater heights.

On Reflection

If you are looking for an ideal ramp for a smaller breed of dog then the Paws & Pals Tri-fold dog ramp should be a strong contender to your list. At such a low price compared to other models you really do not miss that many features that you would expect to find in the more expensive range of dog ramps.


This is definitely one of the best ramps available on a budget, so take a look on amazon to see the product for yourself!