Pet Step Folding Ramp

 Pet Step Folding Ramp

The Pet Step Folding dog ramp is the heaviest bearer from our top 11 Dog Ramps for Suvs, with a holding power of 500lbs it has the greatest holding capacity out of all of the ramps available on the market. It is available in 2 colours, Graphite/Grey and Khaki/Beige and is renowned for it's sleek rubber design coupled with it's bi-folding capabilities.


It is extremely easy to maneuver and remain in place once propped against an SUV thanks to it's universal non-slip gripping tape that attaches to all forms of SUV/Car rears.


Non-Slip Surfacing & Multi-Weather Capabilities

The PetStep Folding Ramp comes with a rubberised non-slip surface that is incredibly easy to clean, unlike other variations of un-removable sandpaper based ramp treads that collect odor and are uncomfortable for your pet, these soft rubber steps just require simple soap and water to clean, which is a huge plus for those of you who wish to store your ramps in the back of your SUV's/Cars.

In addition to being easy to clean, being rubberised has another added benefit and it is that this ramp can be used regardless of the weather, wet or dry, making it one of the only dog ramps that aren't susceptible to rust or damage under heavy rain. So if you are taking your dog out for a walk whilst it's showering, or if you are loading your dog into the SUV/Car after your dog swimming, the ramp will be able to withstand it all.

Universal SUV Grip & Composite Plastic


As mentioned in at the start of this review, this Ramp is tough. It is made of a condensed composite plastic and fibreglass that surpasses all metallic ramps in terms of holding power, the reason it is able to support weights of up to 500lbs is due to it's ability to flex slightly under immense pressure relieving strain on the dense plastic and causing the rubberised folds to support the rest of the weight, almost like the base of a slatted bed.


The grips applied to the end railings of the ramp create an anti-slip grip that fits the edges of vehicles perfectly, meaning that if you do have a very heavy dog, the ramp will may only so much as flex slightly in the middle bi-folding area giving your pet the momentum to proceed in their ascent/descent of your vehicle.




How Big Is It?

How Big Is It?

The PetStep Folding Dog Ramps measurements are as follows:


Length - 69.3 Inches

Width - 16.9 Inches

Height - 6 Inches

Holding Power - up to 500lbs

Model Weight - 22lbs


Whilst the ramp may be on the heavy side, it is bi-folding and very easy to store, it is rather lengthy, once set-up it reaches almost 70 inches, which is testament to how strong this model really is as it can hold 500lbs. 

Wrapping Up

The beauty of this dog ramp is that is not dog size dependant, any size dog will easily be able to use this ramp, it is extremely strong, wide and long, is exceptionally easy to clean and is bi-folding. It is slightly on the pricey side but due to it's anti-weathering capabilities but it would be a it should last an incredibly long time.


It is almost certain to be able to comfortably clip onto the back of your SUV/Car thanks to it's universal grips and is very easy on your dog's paws. It is also worth noting that this ramp is voted the Number 1 Choice for Vets who use these ramps to get their elderly four-legged patients on to their examination tables!