Pet Gear Free Stander

PetGear Free Stander

The Petgear Free Standing Pet Ramp is an incredibly unique design. This is due to it being the only free standing ramp available that is high enough to access the backs of most SUVs/Cars.


Quality is scarcely overlooked when it comes to this dog ramp as it is incredibly versatile, there are an abundance of exciting features including carpet tread and rubber grippers at the base, this is only scratching the surface! Let's dive right in!


Variation & Unique Structuring

The Petgear Free Standing Pet Ramp is clearly different to most other ramps on the market, with its original foldable backplate attached to the rear of the ramp, it ensures that the ramp is entire self-supporting and does not require being propped up against the back of an SUV/Car. As much as these ramps are bought primarily for our dogs to provide aid, it's comforting to note that this ramp has been designed to protect your car's paintwork as well as your pets wellbeing!


It is incredibly easy to fold into a compact form so that storage is made simpler, meaning that this ramp can easily be kept inside or outside of the house, not to mention that with the self-supporting feature of the ramp, it means that this ramp can be used indoors to access greater heights such as beds and couches if that is your wish. We did mention that this ramp was extremely versatile after all!

Carpeted Treads, Rubberised Grippers & Available Sizes

Having an easy to grip surface on a dog ramp is a plus point, this ramp does not stop there, however. The Pet Gear Free Standing Ramp is also carpeted for additional traction and comfort for your pets paws, not to mention that this carpeted soft material is also removable AND machine washable so that any marks, scuffs or dirt are removed after being cleaned.


Rubberised grippers support the ramp and prevent it from slipping out of place. For those dogs that still have a leap in their step, they may not opt to simply walk up their ramp like we would want them to and instead perform some form of headfirst dive to get into the back of your SUV/Car, even old dogs still get excited for walks, right? The rubber grippers prevent the ramp from sliding out from underneath your pet whilst they are climbing it, keeping it remaining steady and instilling confidence into your dog on their ascent/descent.

Measuring Things Up

The Pet Gear Free Standing Pet Ramps measurements are as follows:

Length - 56 Inches

Width - 16 Inches

Height - 23 Inches

Holding Power - 200lbs

Model Weight - 20lbs

This particular dog ramp comes in a multitude of variable holding powers and shapes on amazon, depending on the variety you chose, the holding power can be between 200lbs and 350lbs depending on your chosen model. The ramp is then foldable down to almost half of the length for compact and easy storage.




Closing Thoughts

The Pet Gear Free Standing Pet Ramp is a close 3rd compared to the other options on our Top 11 List. It is easily the most versatile ramp available on the market purely down to the fact that it does not require being propped up against the back of an SUV or bed, if you are looking for indoor variants of ramp for this exact reason, check out our dog ramp for bed reviews.


The fact that you can keep the ramp clean easily also promotes the idea of trying it out on next to your indoor furniture if your dog has trouble getting up onto a bed or couch. The price is also a fraction of the cost of most other ramps available on the market as well, check below!