PetGear Travel Lite Ramp with Supertrax

PetGear Travel Lite Ramp with Supertrax


The Pet Gear Travel Lite Ramp with supertraX was the last addition to our top 11, but that does not make it any less of a dog ramp, it boasts an entirely unique tread that is completely exclusive to this ramp.


Pet Gear have patented the design, so they have an entire catalogue of different varieties of dog ramp with the same tread on amazon, take a look at the link below and see all of the different forms of dog ramp they have to offer!



Pet Gear's "supertraX" Tread

Pet Gear are arguably the brand that many turn to when it comes to not just dog ramps, but many pet accessories worldwide, so it is of no surprise that they release their very own design of tread! The supertraX mat surface is made of extremely soft fabric that feels heavenly on your pets paws, it is extremely protective and debris-resistant, all that is required is a simple shake after every use and any loose sediment/stones that your pet may bring onto the ramp will simply fall to the floor and your ramp will be ready to be used again.


The tread is designed so that when pressure is applied to the supertraX surface, your dogs paws will simply sink slightly and mold comfortably into the ramp giving arguably the best available grip on the market. If you are a dog owner who loves spoiling their pet, then this is an ideal ramp for you!

Bi-Folding & Raised Railings

The Pet Gear Travel Lite with supertraX is a bi-fold ramp that comes with a carry handle once folded, allowing you to carry it similar to a small suitcase. There are rubber safety grippers as standard on most Pet Gear products that reduce movement and sway on the ramp itself once being operated by your pet.


The sides of the ramp are noticeably raised which acts as a guide for your pet aiding them from start to finish on their ascent into your vehicle. Should you wish to clean your ramp, you can simply remove the supertraX surface and clean the dog ramp entirely where necessary, since it is made out of a compact carbon-plastic, you can easily clean it with soap and water without the worry of rusting or weathering that you may get with conventional metallic varieties of ramp.


The Pet Gear Travel Lite With SupertraX measurements are as follows:


Length = 66 Inches

Width = 16 Inches

Height = 4 Inches

Holding Power = 150lbs

Product Weight = 13lbs


With this product being able to hold 150lbs, this ramp is not built for holding larger weights, but it comes with a very modest 66 inch length once fully extended which is extremely unusual for bi-folding plastic varieties of ramp, anything above 60 inches is a major plus point for any ramp costing under the $100 so it's a great earner for those shopping on a budget!

In Conclusion

This ramp is ideal for small/medium breeds of dogs that are struggling getting into your vehicle unaided, be it for health reasons, age, or they are just incredibly lazy pooches! Either way it is paramount that you chose a ramp that is ideal for your pet, this ramp has you covered if you require a safe, confidence boosting and comfortable solution to your pet entering your SUV/Car.


As mentioned in the intro, there are a wide range of ramps released by PetGear that sport the supertraX feature, which is hands down the best tread available on the market. Take a look below and choose the ramp that is perfect for you and your pooch!