PetGear Tri Fold Reflective Ramp

PetGear Tri Fold Reflective Ramp

Towards the end of our top 11 comes the Pet Gear Tri-Fold Reflective ramp, this ramp comes with a huge amount of originality and is brimming with added features that are entirely unique within the Dog Ramp industry.


This particular dog ramp is the most sure-fire way of increasing your pets confidence when approaching their dog ramp, it is definitely worth taking a look at!


Reflective Strips & Visibility


The Pet Gear Tri-Fold Reflective Ramp comes with high-visibility strips that aid your pets vision whilst accessing the ramp, dogs are unable to see in colour, so finding a material that reflects light back at your dog is one of the only visual aids available that can draw your pets attention to it. There are 14 reflective strips from top to bottom that are located on the surface (tread) of the ramp.


There are also 3 side safety reflectors located either side of the ramp that will further aid your pet and reduce the risk of them falling or stumbling off of the side of the ramp, even dogs with slight visual impairments will be able to notice the shiny reflective surface and use it safely as a guide on their ascent up the ramp.

Tri-Folding Ramp & Slip-resistant surfacing

This ramp is of the tri-folding variety, meaning that they fold 3 times allowing for a more compact storage solution, this is ideal if you are planning to store it in the back of your SUV or Car. It comes with slip-resistant surfacing that adds further confidence to your pets climb as they have plenty of grip on their way up. The ramp also comes with a built in carry-handle whilst folded to aid in manoeuvring it prior to extending out out.

This ramp may appear to target only the older ages of dogs due to it's visual aids but it is also incredibly helpful to younger, more active dogs to train them on how to use ramps correctly, not to mention that the reflective material serves as a safety guide for dogs that are getting too close to the edge warning them to remain on the ramp or risk falling off, which none of us want to happen.


The Pet Gear Tri-Fold Reflective Ramp's measurements are as follows:


Length = 71 Inches

Width = 19.5 Inches

Height = 4 Inches

Product Weight = 14 lbs

Holding Power = 200 lbs


This ramp, as with the majority of telescopic dog ramps available on the market, has an extended length of over 70 Inches, meaning that you can get a smaller incline then you would on smaller variants of ramp. Keeping your ramp as close as you can to the floor whilst your pet is ascending it is key, as many breeds of dog would struggle with a ramp that is too steep, hence why, as mentioned earlier, telescopic dog ramps are incredibly sought after as it provides a safer, more confident and comfortable experience for your pet overall.


Finishing Thoughts

Dog Ramps that are of such a good quality as the Pet Gear Tri-Fold Reflective ramp usually have the price tag attached to match, but this pet ramp sits at just shy of $100, which, for a telescopic dog ramp of any variety is very good value, let alone one with reflective aids attached as well!


Whilst this dog ramp may appear to be aimed towards older or visually impaired dogs, all dogs will receive benefit from using this original and unique style of ramp whilst operating it in a safe and sustained manner, a very decent ramp overall!