Rage Powersports DR-08 Aluminium Ramp

Rage Powersports DR-08 Aluminium Ramp

The Rage Powersports DR-08 Aluminium Ramp is a very large ramp designed to target older dogs that prefer less of an incline.


It is a bi-folding ramp that suits the needs of those attempting to get their pets into higher seated SUVs and Cars as it is incredibly lengthy in design and comes with a 3 inch mounted lip that sits on the rear of your SUV to prevent it from moving.


8 Foot Length & Rubber Gripping

Once fully extended, this dog ramp sits at a whopping 96 inches in length, making it the largest dog ramp available on the market, this is great news for older dogs or dogs with various mobility disorders as the ramp lays lower to the floor allowing your pet an easier time whilst ascending it, any ramps that are too steep will provide more of a challenge for these types of dog, so it is useful to have a ramp on the market that fulfils those needs.


This dog ramp comes with rubber gripping attachments on the bottom half to prevent it from movement. This, coupled with the mounted lip on the other end of the ramp, ensures that your pet feels secure and steady on their climb up or down to their destination

High Traction Grip Tape

The Rage Powersports DR-08 Aluminium Ramp comes with High traction grip tape as standard which will provide a great deal of grip and is very easy on your pets paws, this is fitted as a tread on the lightweight aluminium construction surface and fits the entirety of the ramp meaning that your dog will have ample grip from start to finish.

The surface of the ramp tread itself is slightly ribbed as well meaning that your pet’s claws have added areas of grip to gain an advantage whilst climbing.


The Rage Powersports DR-08 Aluminium Ramps measurements are as follows:


Length = 96 Inches

Width = 15 Inches

Height = 2 Inches

Weight = 22 LBS Holding Power (Max Capacity) = 250lbs


On amazon, this ramp comes in a 3 different lengths, 6 foot, 7 foot or 8 foot, depending on your requirements, the larger the ramp the gentler the incline, but the harder it is to store, so depending on your requirements, you should choose carefully based on this information.

Final Thoughts

On reflection, the Rage Powersports DR-08 Aluminium Ramp is a great dog ramp for suv aimed at all varieties of dog, however it does slightly favour older or unhealthy dogs due to the sheer length of the product that would reduce the incline very favourably for these types of dog. The length can easily be seen as an advantage once it is set up, however, finding a place to store it may be difficult if you are short on available storage space.


It is priced slightly more expensively than many similar varieties of metallic dog ramps due to its 96 Inch length, however, these prices are reduced if you decide to choose the shorter versions of the same model, have a look for yourself below!