Solvit 62320 Deluxe XL Telescoping Ramp

Solvit 62320 Deluxe XL Telescoping Dog Ramp


The Solvit 62320 is known amongst the Dog Ramp for SUV community for being the creme de la creme of all Dog Ramps,  combine it's length, weight bearing capabilities and price and you are left with a Dog Ramp that deserves to boast the title "Deluxe". Compared to Solvit's previous 623337 model, it is a huge 3 inches wider and 15 inches longer. Solvit offer a 1 year warranty against any defects on amazon, check it out now!


Structural Integrity

Structural integrity means a lot when it comes to Dog Ramps, it's what gives your pet the confidence to ascend and descend their dog ramp without feeling worried that the ramp will flex or falter under their weight.

Most dogs would much prefer to climb their dog ramp as fast as possible, stress testing performed by Solvit has assessed this ramp of comfortably holding weights of up to 250lbs, meaning that, regardless the size of your dog, it will be able to comfortably climb this particular model in complete confidence of its weight holding capabilities.

Aluminium Construction & High-Traction Surface

Traction is highly regarded as one of the most important features of a Dog Ramp, maintaining a tread that is both comfortable and aids in your Dogs gripping is key to 'conquering the climb'. The Solvit 623337 Telescopic dog ramp has a high-traction surface allowing your pet to receive the foot-hold they require whilst not being too harsh on their paw pads.

The ramp's Aluminium and Carbon-Plastic construction provides the strength and sturdiness required to maintain any breed of dog's weight, confidence is obviously a key factor when considering buying your dog a ramp so having the essentials in place something worth thinking about.

Measuring It All Up

The measurements for this product are as follows:

Length - 48-87 Inches (Once extended)

Width - 20 Inches

Height - 4 Inches

Holding Power - 400 lbs

Weight - 22 lbs

This incredibly lengthy model will extend to 87 Inches providing a far lower incline for your pet as the gradient will be lessened the further the ramp is able to extend from your vehicle, this will create a far more confident climb for your dog. The added bonus of this model is that it is 20 inches wide, which, in terms of a dog ramp, is actually a rather wide model, falling or slipping off of the side of a ramp is not something that you would wish for your pet to endure so having that extra amount of room to manoeuvre will make all of the difference to your dog.






Finishing Thoughts

If you are listing things to consider when contemplating buying a dog ramp, there are a multitude of different things to think about. This ramp is the best example of an incredible 'all rounder'.


It's amazing combination of strength, size and sturdiness speaks for itself, this product has sold over 1000 times on Amazon and it is clear to see why it is such a fan favorite. If you are looking for a confidence booster for your dog then this should be an easy option, click below to see the product for yourself!