Solvit UltraLite Bi-Fold Ramp

The Solvit Ultra-Lite Bi Fold Ramp is another solid pick for those on a budget, it sits slightly pricier than other models of the same dense-plastic structuring at $69.95, however, it definitely has a multitude of added extras that justify the pricing.


Solvit are a renowned brand for releasing incredibly safe, solid and comfortable forms of dog ramps and this ramp is no exception, it is a ramp that is suitable for smaller/medium sized dogs and may struggle under the weight of extra large dog breeds, if you are unsure, feel free to use our sizing guide as an aid.



Featherweight Design & Plastic Construction


The Solvit UltraLite Bi-Fold Pet Ramp is a dense-plastic construction that is incredibly sturdy and rugged, it boasts a holding capacity of up to 150lbs which is more than enough to support the weight of all small/medium sized dogs. The model itself weighs the small amount of 10lbs making it the lightest available dog ramp on the market.


The ramp is incredibly easy to set-up due to it being a bi-fold ramp and is incredibly low maintenance, it only requires soap and water to clean and retains it's shape throughout multiple weathers preventing rust and structure damage. The plastic construction is incredibly sturdy and will not flex under larger amounts of pressure but may struggle under the weights of very large dogs, just be cautious of this point prior to making a purchase.

Safety Mechanisms

This ramp comes with plenty of safety features as standard. Once folded, this ramp has an in-built safety mechanism that latches to the ramp to keep it tightly secured while folded. The high-traction material on the ramp is designed entirely to provide the upmost amount of grip available for your dog, since this ramp is designed with smaller/medium dogs as a main focus, having a shorter ramp means that the incline will be higher, so having a grip that small dogs are comfortable with is a welcome feature.


The Solvit UltraLite Bi-Folding Ramp comes with rubberised grippers on the base of the ramp as standard to prevent slipping and sliding as your dog ascends it, this is helpful for giving your pet the confidence they require to climb the ramp comfortably to the back of your vehicle or onto various pieces of furniture.




The Solvit UlraLite Bi-Fold Ramp's measurements are as follows:


Length =  62 Inches

Width = 16 Inches

Height = 4 Inches

Product Weight = 10lbs

Holding Power = 150lbs


This ramp is useful for heights of up to 24 inches, which means that it requires your pet to walk up a slightly steeper incline than most pets offer, however since smaller breeds of dogs tend to be niftier on their feet, this problem is usually negated. 

Concluding Thoughts

The Solvit UltraLite Bi-Folding Ramp has all of the requirements of a smaller dog ramp, it is comfortable to use, easy to store and has the grip required to maintain weights of up to 150lbs.


The price is set at $60 which, in our opinion, is a fair price for a model that is as much of an aid to your pet as this ramp. Solvit are a top brand in the dog ramp industry and offer a 1 year warranty with all of their products to keep your mind at ease, not that it is necessary with this ramp!