Telescopic Dog Ramp

Telescopic Dog Ramps are a highly favourable form of ramp amongst those with elderly or injured pets. They contain many various features that you would not get with a conventional dog ramp. 

                             1. Length

Telescopic Dog Ramps are usually built in 3 tiered sections, much like the design of firefighter ladders, meaning that they are able to extend to lengths that far surpass various other brands of dog ramp. Length is an exceptionally important factor when considering buying a dog ramp, this is because of the angle of incline in which your dog will be expected to walk up. In simple terms, the longer your dog ramp, the lower the gradient will be for your dog to climb up, reducing the amount of stress and pressure that your dog will undertake in accessing your vehicle. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                          2. Storage

Storage is undeniably an important factor when considering purchasing a dog ramp, being able to simply stow away your dog ramp after use without it taking up too much room is key to any ramp owner. The Telescopic Dog Ramp folds away neatly at a 3rd of it's assembled length meaning it can fit easily in the back of most SUVs. The majority of Telescopic Dog Ramps come with an integrated locking mechanism and carry handle for simple transportation of the dog ramp. 


                                                  3. Grip

Your pet's paws are an incredibly important part of their lives, so when buying a dog ramp for your suv, grip is a key factor to keep in mind. Telescopic Dog Ramps are very rarely carpeted, they are usually made of an anti-slip rubberised material that is very easy on your pets paws. These rubber surfaces are often removable for easy cleaning and only require a simple cloth and water scrub to wash. Your dog's paw-pads in particular are extremely crucial to keep healthy, so it is a good idea to get a ramp that will be easy on their feet. 


Below we have compiled a list of the best Telescopic Dog Ramps on the market.

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