Major Brands

Major Brands


Solvit are arguably the leaders in the Dog Ramp for SUV business, they boast over 50 models and varieties of dog ramp in their inventory and are the pioneering leaders of the telescopic dog ramp models. They are an umbrella corporation of the ‘PetSafe’ group who are known worldwide for their technological advancements and market research into a wide range of pet aiding products (some of which you probably own!).


Solvit manufacture ramps for dogs of all shapes and sizes and have been doing so for well over a decade. They favour aluminium metal for their larger varieties of dog ramp and a dense-plastic for their cheaper, smaller types and have sold well over 10,000 units over the span of all of their products. They rarely dip under a 4.5 star rating on all of their products on amazon and this is the main reason that they are considered industry leaders, a strong brand name to look out for!


PetGear is a conglomerate company of the Vermont Juvenile Furniture company, this is a company that you may or may not be familiar with that has been designing products for new born babies since 1936, they expanded their company and began PetGear, which looks after the other baby in your family, it just so happens that this baby is furry and has four legs!


You will find that with many different brand names that appear, they all seem to have a niche area of the ramp that they have concentrated their efforts on perfecting to get the edge over competitors. PetGear are renowned for their ingenious designs of ramp treads & anti-slip surfacing that keep your Dog on their feet whilst operating their ramps. They released their supertraX tread and patented it to give exclusivity to their ramps and what a difference it has made to their products, they now sell every model of ramp with the option of having the super soft, anti-slip surface tread instead of a regular rubberised tread and their customers could not rate them high enough, may amazon users refer friends to buy PetGear products based on the tread alone, which is amazing news for you and your dog! PetGear


PetSTEP International, Inc. are the inventors within the dog ramp industry, they took the idea that everyone has a niche area on a pet ramp and ran a mile with it, just for comparison, this is a list of everything PetStep have bought to the table so far, they were the creators of:


• The 1st portable folding dog ramp.

• The 1st rubberized dog ramp tread.

• The 1st heavy-duty composite ramp (capable of holding over 500lbs!).

• The lightest dog ramp.


You get the running theme here, right? They like being the first for everything! They create revolutionary, innovative dog ramp products that really have changed the face of how dogs mobilize and the aid we as owners can give them to do so. Their product list may not be as large as some other brands but what they lack in quantity they certainly do not lack in quality.

Precious Tails

Precious tails is the next company on our major brands list, they are a company based in New York City, the centre of Americanised ingenuity and are an underlying company of ENCHANTE ACCESSORIES, which is a company that has been in the loop for over 40 years! They specialize in creating the most pampered and comfortable varieties of dog stairs and ramps available on the market. They are the main company that specialises on indoor furniture access, so you will find a large varieities of dog stairs and ramps for beds/couches falling under precious tails as the manufacturer.


They have an incredibly eco-friendly mentality and offer services to those who have purchased ramps that have no need for them anymore to return them to Precious Tails HQ for recycling. Their opinion is one of ‘Why build items to protect our animals if there are other animals suffering in the process’. This is an extremely noble slogan to run a business around and those who do business with precious tails by purchasing their products can rest assured their money is going to an incredibly caring company.